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Where can I find toothache treatment in Sunrise?

Did you know that in Sunrise, FL, patients within the community and surrounding neighborhoods have access to one of the best equipped emergency dentists around? In the case of a dental emergency, Sunrise Smiles Dentistry is your go-to dentist in Sunrise, well-equipped to handle emergencies ranging from a toothache to dental trauma.

Toothaches are the most common dental emergency; in addition to pain, other symptoms may include fever and swelling. A toothache may be caused by extensive dental decay or injury that has affected the nerve of a tooth. When the nerve of a tooth is irreversibly damaged and remains untreated, an infection can occur, which can further compromise the health of the tooth as well as your overall well-being. The best way to achieve a favorable prognosis for your toothache Sunrise from your emergency dentist, Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, is by seeking immediate treatment. Other dental emergencies, all of which can be treated at Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, may include fractures, chips, dislodged teeth, dental infections, broken dental fillings, TMJ pain or discomfort, issues with erupting or impacted wisdom teeth, or periodontal abscesses.

Emergencies may not necessarily be painful. Patients experiencing a broken denture or dislodged dental crown are hampered from performing vital daily functions. At Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, Drs. Paschal, Cherry, Saldarriaga, and their caring, professional staff, consider a broken denture an emergency, just as we’re sure you do. Whether you’re suffering from a painful toothache Sunrise or broken denture, Sunrise Smiles Dentistry will prioritize your urgent condition and will make every effort to arrange an appointment as immediately as possible.

Come on down to Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, where our experienced doctors and expert staff can remedy any dental emergency you’ve had to endure. You can consider your emergency a thing of the past when you come into Sunrise Smiles Dentistry for care. Schedule a consultation with us today for more information on our toothache Sunrise treatment plans!