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Can’t help but feel like something is going on at night with your jaw? Constantly waking up throughout the night with a sore mouth? Chronic jaw clenching or teeth grinding, also called bruxism, may be the culprit! Have no fear, because at Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, our expertise at treating bruxism is unmatched. Visit our office to find out why we’re considered the go-to 33233 dental office by so many patients.

Although bruxism can occur throughout the day, it is primarily known as a nocturnal disorder. Bruxism can be accompanied by a number of undesirable symptoms, most notably the patient waking up several times throughout the night. Symptoms of bruxism may include irregular sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, or teeth that are missing and/or poorly aligned. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can be caused by a variety of factors, though bruxism is often attributed to stress and anxiety. After a comprehensive smile examination by your doctor at Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, your 33233 dental office, your treatment plan will be discussed and individually determined.

At Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, many bruxism patients are successfully treated with our state-of-the-art night guards. The custom fabricated night guard oral appliances are worn when a patient sleeps to keep the jaw partly separated, preventing teeth grinding from occurring. Patients report that night guards from their 33233 dental office are extremely advantageous in that their sleep schedules remain uninterrupted and pain-free. In addition, wearing night guards prevents muscle strain and excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ).

Tired or not getting a proper night’s sleep? It might be time to give Sunrise Smiles Dentistry a call. With our consistently excellent bruxism treatment solutions, you can rest assured that your smile will feel fresh and renewed. Schedule an appointment today for more information on our night guards.