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When it comes to restoring a missing tooth, it is important to find a dentist that can offer a comprehensive range of services for the best options to suit your individual needs. Patients in Sunrise looking to restore a lost tooth or teeth in Sunrise may be qualifying candidates for dental implants. At Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, considered the best implant dentist near 33323 by our patients, our dental implants can provide exemplary support for full tooth restorations that will give you a smile worth showing off whenever possible.

If a missing tooth is left untreated, the underlying bone where the tooth once stood becomes diminished, which in turn has further consequences, including reduction in the support of the natural contours of your face. Dental implants provide stimulation to the bone of the jawbone, preventing further bone loss and, when completely restored, usually with a beautifully custom fabricated crown, restore support to your facial contours. Full dental crowns can be supported by a single dental implant, and multiple implants can provide enhanced stabilization for bridges and removable dentures. Dental implants, which replicate the natural look, feel, and function of a natural tooth and can be maintained with proper, routine dental hygiene care.

Typically, qualifying candidates for dental implants have sufficient bone density to support the implant. Patients suffering from advanced gum disease or patients who regularly smoke may have more difficulty qualifying for dental implants, however, a thorough smile examination will be conducted to determine an individualized assessment. Your skilled, experienced, caring dentist at Sunrise Smiles Dentistry offers a comprehensive menu of treatment options and will educate and discuss thoroughly with you the best possible options for your restorative goals.

Do you think you may be a qualifying candidate for dental implants? Schedule a consultation appointment today with your leading implant dentist near 33323, Sunrise Smiles Dentistry, to learn about all available options and the wide range of dental health services we provide.